Faith Provision

Both universities offer non-judgemental, confidential support for students of all faiths or none.

Medway Multi-Faith Space

Medway's Multi-Faith Space is located in Pilkington. The space will be open at times to be advertised and can be open by arrangement by contacting Medway Chaplain Lynne Martin by email: [email protected]. Her office, Pilkington 004, is located opposite the main entrance to the Faith Space on the ground floor of the Pilkington Building. You can also read Lynne's blog and visit the Medway Campus Chaplaincy on Facebook for further information or support.

Hi everyone,

As the new academic year is about to begin, I thought the timing was right to send you another Chaplaincy Update...

With some amazing help from one of our PhD students I have produced a Chaplaincy Welcome video which has recently been uploaded to the University of Greenwich YouTube channel. Please spare 7 minutes to have a watch and give us your feedback.

TABLEtalk is coming back - albeit virtually. This is an excellent forum for international students to improve their English languages skills, make new friends, learn about British culture and develop better cross-cultural understanding.

This term our programme will include topics such as Culture Shock, Public Speaking, Stress Management, and Team Work, all of which will, in turn, assist students during their studies with us.

We will begin on Thursday 1st October (19:30-21:00) running for 10 weeks via Zoom. Students can register their interest or request more information, by emailing me at [email protected]

Progress is also being made to run our BARGAIN CORNER this term, with all the obvious regulations and restrictions in place.  I also have a blog you can read here. 

Last, but by no means least... New for this academic year, I am introducing a Weekly Wednesday Reflection.

This has been such a strange season in life and no doubt we could all do with a little encouragement on occasion.

These reflections will be based around much of my own experience, observations, and life stories. I will also use the Bible as a basis for some of these thoughts.

If you fancy listening in, you’ll find the reflections on our Medway Campus Chaplaincy Facebook page and on our blog - who knows, you might even find them on YouTube?!

I so look forward to being back on campus and seeing you all again



Lynne Martin, Medway Chaplain