Take Part in Festive Volunteering

Take Part in Festive Volunteering

Ways you to get involved in festive volunteering

Posted 10th November 2020 at 10:00am
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Acts of kindness help make the world a better place. A simple act of kindness done for someone else can boost feelings of optimism, confidence, and being in control.

As we approach what is traditionally a season of giving, there are plenty of ways to give back to the community while safe in lockdown.

Check out some local and national examples of giving and how you can do something good for someone else:


1. Medway Food Bank

Over Lockdown, Medway Foodbank is running an entirely delivery service.

They are after students to help organise online donations. You can also download the Spareable App to give virtually over the festive period!



2. Shoebox Appeal

Every year, Blythswood Care fill shoeboxes of gifts and essentials to send to those in need overseas who would otherwise not receive any gifts at Christmas.  

Although we are limited by lockdown, (if you are safe and able to) the charity is accepting individuals or bubbles to come in person to help sort and pack shoeboxes.

This is taking place in Gillingham, throughout November, and you can email us to find out more.


3. One Big Family Soup Kitchen

Transform lives and care for the homeless and vulnerable in need in the local community with One Big Family.

If you are able, they are in need of volunteers to help at their weekly soup kitchen or they are after ambassadors to promote their campaigns.


4. Post Pals

Post a smile to a sick child this Christmas!

From the comfort of your own room, write and craft a positive festive card to send to seriously ill children and their siblings in the UK.

It couldn’t be easier for anyone to get involved, requires no commitment and costs only 5 minutes of your time.

Find pals at https://www.postpals.co.uk/ 

GKSU can pay for postage if you contact [email protected]!