How to run a Virtual Fair Stall!

How to run a Virtual Fair Stall!

Top Tips for Student Groups running a stall at the Virtual Fair

Posted 13th January 2021 at 9:00am
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The GKSU Welcome Back Fair is the second chance for students to to join Societies, Sports Clubs, and Networks. On Wednesday 27th January, stay connected by chatting to our student groups and join our virtual auditorium to find out more about GKSU and university services.

Are you running a stall? Take a look through our tips for hosting your stall online.  


Make it eye-catching

Cover your stall with past photos of students having fun in your group or use bright memorable logos. It is as important online as it is in real life for your stall to look visually appealing for students to click through to your content. 

Save yourself time by checking the sizes of images on the V-Fair stall template and design your logo or promo images to fit!

Remember, to update your stall you need to use the original Booth Setup Confirmation you were sent (or ask us to resend this!) You do not log in with your email and password to edit – you use those to log in for the event on the day. 


Make it Informative

You know what your student group does but it might not be immediately obvious from the stall name.

There is a space to upload documents and videos to your stall to help provide information to students about what your group does and how it runs. You can upload videos from past events or any welcome videos from the committee to really add the personal touch to your stall. 


Use the Chat

During the Fair, each booth has a live chat. It can be daunting for a new student to engage in live chat so make it as welcoming as possible by asking open questions and posting positive comments. Questions like 'what are you studying' are ice-breakers. Even if students don’t engage, they might read and remember what you said! 

In conversation lulls, pop into the other stalls and chat to the other committees. Not only will it help the time go faster, it shows new students a sense of Medway community and you may develop your own networks! 


Use your current members

Ask your current members to log in briefly and introduce themselves in the chat and say what they like about being part of the group. This helps break up who is speaking, changes the tone and helps new students get a feel for what the group is like.

The link to sign up as a spectator is here


Invite them to an event!

The best way to market your group is to promote a future social event. It will show students the sort of stuff your group gets up to and give them something to look forward to!

You can also post links to your social media platforms. Once again, even if a student doesn’t say anything, they might take note of this for later!


Running a fair virtually might feel more disconnected than the energy of a physical event but remember the students are feeling the same. The social activity and sense of community you are bringing them is more important than ever!  


Email [email protected] if you would like help with your stall!