World Mental Health Day - 6 ways to wellbeing

World Mental Health Day - 6 ways to wellbeing

Taking time for you and understanding your wellbeing needs

Posted 9th October 2020 at 9:30am
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A wise meme once said, “Suffering from depression? Just exercise a lot, socialise more, eat better and do all the things that depression prevents you from doing.”

It’s a problem right?  Maybe making your bed when you get up is your big win for the day? Maybe managing to look someone in the eye and say good morning is the thing you are most proud of?  It’s the small steps that lead to the big leaps that lead to you running your own life and taking back control. 

GKSU is here to support you on your journey.  We offer free wellbeing support that touches on all 6 ways to wellbeing.  Through practical advice about your finances through our Advice team to joining a society to connect with people, we are here for you. 

The University of Greenwich offers free counseling as does the University of Kent.  If you are not sure what help you might need or be able to access, get in touch with GKSU Advice centre or one of the team at GKSU by emailing [email protected] 

Full details of all our wellbeing services can be found on our wellbeing page