Application to become a Rep at Medway 2020-21


Reps are the link between the student body, your students' union and your University - here to represent your voice whilst studying at Medway!

Who are Reps at Medway?

Reps are students just like you, that volunteer some of their time across the academic year to represent and support their peers. Reps at Medway are change makers. They act as an advocate during the academic journey and students can approach them with concerns regarding course content, feedback, resources, or exams that they will pass on to the relevant staff. Reps are not limited to just academic feedback. We encourage and empower Reps to seek feedback about the Medway student experience overall and GKSU will provide a clear framework for how we can make the change together.

Reps work in teams at a subject, department, school, faculty or division level. The reason your Reps are based in teams is to ensure that you don't just have a single representative, but access to a whole group of passionate, dedicated and skilled representatives that you can talk to about any questions, concerns or ideas to improve your university experience.

What do Reps do?

The role of a Rep is a diverse one. As a Rep you have the chance to shape the role for yourself and future Reps. Reps are there to:

Represent the academic interest of your peers
Advocate for positive change to the academic experience at Medway
Build academic communities and lead the way on activities and events
Campaign on issues that matter to you and the students you represent
Engage with and support other Reps in your team and contribute to group initiatives
Ensure that your activities and events are inclusive

Duties and responsibilities:

Attend regular meetings organised by your school or programme in order to act as the voice for your fellow students
Attend boards & committees outlined by GKSU to make a positive change in Medway
Participate and lead on campaigns, working with Full-Time Officers’ and GKSU staff
Attend the training provided for you at the beginning of the year, as well as any subsequent training required in order for you to carry out your role effectively

Can I become a Rep?

Any student can become a Rep. All you have to do is express your interest and be willing to volunteer some of your time across the academic year to help your fellow students. Once you've registered as a Rep you'll receive some basic training about the role as well as access to resources and dedicated support from a GKSU staff member. More information can be found at