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Afro-Caribbean Society

Cultural and Political

The Medway ACS is a student society which welcomes students of Universities of Kent and Greenwich on the Medway campus. This society also welcomes students from other universities and colleges in Medway to join. It is a platform for students of African and Caribbean heritage to be engaged and learn about African and Caribbean history and culture through a new initiative. This initiative is called THE GOOD D.E.E.D.S.

THE GOOD D.E.E.D.S. represent Diversity, Education, Entertainment, Dedication and Sports. ACS Medway has the vision to promote DIVERSITY. Diversity will be promoted through the encouragement of students of African or Caribbean heritage or enthusiasts of African or Caribbean culture to join our society. Also, diversity will be encouraged through a variety of events in promoting the African and Caribbean culture in the diaspora.

We believe that for one to learn about the African and Caribbean heritage, one needs to be engaged and educated on it. Therefore, ACS Medway is embarking on the task to help the Africans and the Caribbeans in the diaspora and the enthusiasts of the heritage to know more about our heritage. Activities such as discussion and debate will enable us to be more involved in expressing their opinions. Also, other than learning our culture, we aimed at grooming our society members to become prepared for their internship and widening their networking scope. This could be achieved by organising career and networking events. Entertainment is one of the pillars of our initiative. There are entertainment events com,ing your way. However, these have been scheduled to be balanced with our other events.

Dedication in our society is one attribute we would like to promote as a society. Our aim is that every member of the society become dedicated to support and promote our events. In return, we would like you to benefit from opportunities through the dedication towards our events.

Other events to promote sports, talents and womanhood are scheduled on our calendar to create an event for each one on the Medway campus.

Our aims for the 2019/20 academic year include:

To promote the GOOD D.E.E.D.S.

Running successful events, no matter the size, encouraging a greater cohesion amongst the cohorts of both the Medway and associated campuses

To encourage students of the universities at Medway to embrace multiculturalism

The Afro-Caribbean Society Medway has recently won the 'Society of The Year 2017' on Medway campus. This achievement sets us distinct among other societies on Medway campus. The 2019/2020 ACS committee is making all endeavour to bring you the best of educational, entertainment and sporting events. Membership is only £5 for members of Greenwich & Kent and guess what? Your friends from other universities can join too (associate members).
However, they'll pay a little bit more at £6. This can be paid online, the Student Hub or at some of our events. We are trying to put Medway on the Map for the whole of the UK to see.

Don't be afraid to stop a member of the executive committee if you ever need a question answered. We'll have occasional drop-in sessions where you can come and chat to a member of the team too. If face-to-face isn't your cup of tea then find us on our socials.

We'd love if you got in touch!