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Black Pharmacist Initiative


Our ethosInspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, the Black Pharmacist Initiative was started in response to the alarming attainment gap in pre-registration results between black students and other ethnic groups. As stated in the Pharmaceutical Journal, ‘White British students achieved the highest pass rate of 92.5% in the General Pharmaceutical Council’s summer preregistration exam, while Black African students had the lowest pass rate of 66.2%.’ (Black African pharmacy students still least likely to pass GPhC pre-reg exam, The Pharmaceutical Journal,2020). Black pharmacy students obtain the lowest grades however these disparities are typically masked by the “BAME” term umbrella. While others shouldn’t be excluded, these disparities must be recognised as being specific to us and any strategies used to tackle these disparities must be beneficial for and catered to us. Our aimsThe Black Pharmacist Initiative aims to equip students at the Medway School of Pharmacy with the skills needed to thrive academically. In order to achieve this, we plan to organise various activities for members including, but not limited to:·      Public speaking events where black pharmacy professionals can come in and speak about their experiences as a student and a pharmacist. ·      A friend/peer system for first year pharmacy students·      Educational workshops where students can receive help, they may need with their core drug knowledge, prepare for (mock) OSCEs, dispensing and numeracy competency exams etc.·      Awareness campaigns that can be used to highlight diseases that predominately affect black people.·      Public speaking workshops where students can gain the confidence that will allow them to thrive in the pharmacy sector.  The Black Pharmacist Initiative want the pharmacy students at our university to recognise and learn the truths of our origins and embrace our history. As an organisation, we feel it is imperative to improve our knowledge in a comfortable and secure environment while still pushing for excellence in extracurricular activities. While we are aware that our colour is a part of our identity, the B.P.I wants our members to understand that we can be defined by much more than the colour of our skin. We want to set the path for future black pharmacists to see more people like themselves in places of influence and further encourage black pharmacy students to go beyond the traditional routes placed before us.

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