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Faith and Belief

Believers’ LoveWorld (BLW) Campus Ministry is the youth arm of Believers’ LoveWorld, a unique and dynamic ministry called by God. Our vision is to take God’s Divine presence to the young people in every nation of the world; demonstrating to them, the character of the Holy Spirit.

BLW is not only based in universities across the world but campuses across the UK. Millions of young people have been significantly impacted; many of whom have dedicated their lives to reaching other young people in their worlds with the love of Jesus.

BLW Medway is a vibrant Christian society, reaching out to students with hope, inspiring faith, and demonstrating the love of Jesus. We believe in giving students’ lives a meaning and helping them fulfill God’s dream through the Word of God. BLW Medway organizes various meetings, programs, and outreaches on a weekly and monthly basis respectively. So, if you believe in Jesus Christ, then you're in the right place. If you are in search of God or in need of Him, you also belong here. And if you are not sure who God is, then “WELCOME, we have been expecting you”!

Believers’ LoveWorld – building a happier world with love.

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