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Medway Engineering Society


Although known for Engineering, we are not limited to this, by far.

A drop of science here and a dash of business there makes for a great cocktail of professionals.

Established in 2015 as originally IET on Campus

MES is a meeting space for students of the Universities at Medway anyone interested in engineering related activities, fun competitions and networking with industry.

An established society that builds a strong link between the IET, IMechE, EWB, IChemE, ICE, IEE, students and youth, helping you to get the most out of your membership with them and your university experience as well as enabling us to place people at the heart of our professional activities and development plans for the future.

Our mission, to bring everyone together, enable and encourage people to design and build as a team, challenging each other along with contributing to society.

Your professional development and career path is important to us.

IET + On Campus:

The institution of Engineering and Technology help professionals track their career along with providing a vast selection of resources enabling its members to achieve success.

On campus is the reach out blurring the lines between the institution and the students studying, they often help with events and will heavily overlap with STEM.

I’m important because of Chartership and Incorporated engineering titles.

EWB + On Campus:

Engineers without Borders is a charity driven to help those who need it, from all over the world societies that are struggling with clean water, energy distribution, transport, housing, along with many other critical points in developing nations EWB are stepping in and using the collective minds of university students to help come up with innovative solutions.

On campus is the overlap from degree to amazing CV and career steps, do it not because you need to pass your degree but do it because you care.
I’m important as I show competency for IET.

Providing career support, education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to help those learn or teach and having fun along the way.

STEM Ambassadors get to prove their knowledge in application, hands on with different generations of students, with a DBS check along with experience in deploying projects to students of all ages.

This looks great on every CV!
I’m important as I’m also a part of the competency for IET.

Women in Engineering:
In the UK women are a growing force within the engineering network, standing for diversity we encourage each step towards a greater network with people coming up with unique solutions for challenges that face our world.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Drone racing, starts with some trials, will grow into a league.

Sumo bots, take a remote control car, strip it, rebuild and push each other out of the ring.

Team based activities will likely be 5 people per team, keep that in mind!

We'd love if you got in touch!