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elcome to Medway Gaming SocietyWe are a society that wishes to appeal to any type of gamer.We try and run a range of things from assorted video games, role-play games, collectible card games, Tabletop, board games and many more.We want to give like minded people a safe place to be able to do what they love which in this case is gaming. We want to give members the chance to game with friends and to make new friends even when we are not at meetings/gaming sessions in the University.Normally we would offer:Monday 6pm – 11pm: Role Playing GamesTuesday 6pm -11pm: Card GamingWednesday 6pm -11pm: Video GamingThursday 6pm – 11pm: Tabletop and Board GamesSunday 10am – 6pm: All Assorted Gaming + Larping (selected Sundays)Given the COVID situation we are offering:Monday 10am – 8pm: DnD groupsTuesday 6pm – 10pm: Online GamesWednesday 6pm – 10pm: Movies night (Online/Offline)Thursday 12pm – 10pm: Warhammer 40KFriday 10am to 10pm: Friday Night Magic (Online/Offline)WEEKENDS NOTHINGOther Info:Facebook page: group (you must sign up before joining this group!): medwaygamingsocietyEmail: [email protected]:

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