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Faith and Belief

Asaalamu Alaykum (Peace Be Upon You)  Welcome to the Medway Islamic Society!We as a society are dedicated to providing services for all Muslim students at Medway campus. We aim to cater for their spiritual needs, their academic journeys and providing an enriching social sphere for students to form part of a greater community. All our work is centred and adheres to the faith of Islam, the teachings within the Quran-the words of Allah (God) and the way of His Messenger: Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him).  Our aim is self-development, of Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, to become wholesome individuals both morally and intellectually. We facilitate this by exploring, understanding and implementing the teachings of Islam: as it is not just a faith, but an entire way of life! We hold countless events, lectures, discussions and sessions throughout the year & not to forget our many socials! From our annual international Charity Week campaigns to structured weekly Halaqahs/discussions, we endeavour to go above and beyond to provide an uplifting university experience for our members! The Islamic Society is here for YOU!  Meet your committee for this year:Head Brother: Kaim BidiwalaTreasurer: Tahmid Malik Secretary: Musah KhanEvents Manager: Zain HumayounSocial Media: Naji HamodeHead Sister: Saniya Kayes Volunteer Co-ordinator: Haddy Senghore Events Manager: Tarteel Abdelazim Events Officer: Zaynab Shahzad To contact us or to be added to the mailings list/Whatsapp group so you're informed of our events please contact us on:[email protected] -  Instagram: @medwayisoc 

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