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Welcome to the Medway Student Paramedic Society! The society is aimed at Student Paramedics, although it is open and FREE to all members of the University and affiliated alumni interested in paramedic science and pre-hospital care.Society Aims: The aim of the society is to provide an academic and social group of like minded individuals. We are aiming to organise academic talks every 2 months, consisting of discussions led by guest speakers from healthcare. We also hope to host workshops and seminars, led by students (and possibly lecturers) on harder to grasp topics, such as ECGs, topics not covered during the course and scenarios experienced by students while on placement.All attendees will be provided with certificates to add to their portfolio. We will also organise social events for members such as nights out and society meals where you can get to know each other. If you have any questions please contact any of the committee team!Our commitee:President: Tara Campbell (Y3 Student Paramedic)Vice President: Emily Caudron (Y3 Student Paramedic)Email: [email protected]: @MedwaySPsocInstagram: @MedwaySPsoc

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