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This is the society for individuals who are interested in learning about Nepal; a small country beautifully sandwiched between China and India but extremely diverse with 75 districts, 102 different castes and ethnic groups.

The purpose of Nepalese society at Medway for three different universities is to develop the unity between people of all backgrounds. Furthermore, we aim to promote the knowledge and understanding of the Nepal’s culture and tradition through establishing a society with diversity. No matter where an individual root lies, the Nepalese society can come together as a family to share our pride and enjoy the Nepalese culture.

We also aim to provide volunteering opportunities in Nepal to allow a phenomenal way to experience the country, culture and people. We want to preserve and promote our diverse culture through organising events and societies and to provide help and support for Nepalese Students to settle in the University life and increase awareness about elements of Nepalese culture and heritage.

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