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From Beginner to Pro All are welcome, we teach, we train and play competitively, but of course on a regular basis we grab a drink and play friendly, it’s a great way to network. Society Perks: Better Cues Entry to Mini Tournaments Training Food and Drink on occasions such as Finals or GK Big Events. We look forward to both old and new players, see you on the tables soon. Please check in our WhatsApp Group for more up to date availability. Please just come down and chat with someone in the group to get a whatsapp link, we don’t list it on here due to the spam accounts that have a habit of getting in. Location: The Deep End When: 1400 onwards weekday afternoons and most weekends. Other Useful Links: General Cues: Cuesoul (little fancier): Our Rules Sheet: Google Doc

We'd love if you got in touch!