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Social Justice Society

Cultural and Political

We are the Social Justice Society!

Aims of our society:

- To work with SSPSSR to provide greater opportunities for its students whether relating to university or future career options

- Engage with students and further your interests in current affairs and social issues and host debates and general discussions

- Educational – shut up & write sessions – help with coursework writing – a space to focus

But we are also a society that wants to be quite separate from day to day uni life and there will still be fun activities, events and socials to attend to and a chance for you to get to know more people on your course.

As it is Social Justice, it is very broad and therefore, anybody from any course is welcome to join. At the end of the day, these current affairs affect us all and are interesting to talk about and learn more. This may be on an international scale or even national.

We welcome you all and are excited to bring about as many exciting events and opportunities for you all.

Social Justice Society

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