Your GKSU Team

Alison Chambers Alison Chambers
Alison Chambers

Managing Director of GKSU

Mark Heffernan Mark Heffernan
Mark Heffernan

Deputy Managing Director, GKSU

Joanne Hollamby Joanne Hollamby
Joanne Hollamby

Reception Supervisor

Becky Sellen Becky Sellen
Becky Sellen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Emily Lambourne Emily Lambourne
Emily Lambourne

Graphic Designer

Lesley Clifton Lesley Clifton
Lesley Clifton

Student Adviser

Paul West Paul West
Paul West

Medway Advice Centre Manager

Claire Friday Claire Friday
Claire Friday

Student Activities Manager

Catriona Dennis Catriona Dennis
Catriona Dennis

Volunteering Projects Coordinator

Yasmin Ali Yasmin Ali
Yasmin Ali

GIAG Coordinator

Jemma Whyman Jemma Whyman
Jemma Whyman

Sports Development Coordinator

Dan Weale Dan Weale
Dan Weale

Interim Deep End Manager

Sharon Kingsnorth Sharon Kingsnorth
Sharon Kingsnorth

Head Chef The Deep End

Sarah Welsh Sarah Welsh
Sarah Welsh

Sous Chef The Deep End

Tiana Kingsnorth Tiana Kingsnorth
Tiana Kingsnorth

Sous Chef The Deep End