Is there something you'd like to see changed at Medway? Step up and speak up!

Campaigning is a way to have your voice heard on campus, in the community, and on a national level. It is about mobilising people in order to achieve meaningful change.

More than simply raising awareness, it is about making a tangible change to policy or behaviour.

Campaigns can touch on topics including academic life, student welfare, sexual health, mental health, campus safety and more. On a national scale, you can get involved in everything from student rights, sustainability, to wider liberation campaigns.

We have a range of officers and staff who are here to support you in making a positive change for students. There are also funds and resources you can apply for.

If you are interested in running a campaign here at Medway then get in touch with your student leadership coordinator at: [email protected].

You can learn about current, past or upcoming campaigns run at your home unions by following the links below.