Reps at Medway

Your Union works closely with the University to ensure you are represented at every level.

Student Unions are democratic organisations. We work constantly to have students’ views heard by providing opportunities for students to be part of the conversation, provide fresh ideas and enact meaningful change.

Reps act as the link between you, the union and full time officers, and the university. They are volunteer representatives that are the first port of call for any suggestions, comments or queries about the student experience.

Reps at Medway are change makers. They act as an advocate during the academic journey and students can approach them with concerns regarding course content, feedback, resources, or exams that they will pass on to the relevant staff. Reps are not limited to just academic feedback. We encourage and empower Reps to seek feedback about the Medway student experience overall and GKSU will provide a clear framework for how we can make the change together.

I want to be a Rep!

Reps are not only voicing their own opinion, but the true opinion of the range of students they represent – mature students, part-time, distance learners or those with caring responsibilities.

Reps work in teams. You are not recruited to specific roles categorised by stage/subject, but instead are all responsible collectively for the representation and student voice for that particular school/faculty. We encourage cross-stage integration and for you to follow up on actions that should have been resolved from previous years.

You will be given training and support during your time as a Rep and it is a key way to gain transferable skills in communication, networking, research, and time management.

Reps are usually recruited in September to serve the full academic year but you can volunteer at any point. To learn more about Reps please read the Reps at Medway Role Description.

Please fill out the Reps at Medway Application form if you want to volunteer!

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Reps work in teams to represent all students in that cohort. They also have the chance to sit on decision making committees at various levels to be a part of the conversation, provide new ideas and enact positive change.

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